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  • Student Absence and 

    Leaving Early

    If your child is going to be absent from school for any reason, please contact the school office (907) 225-4128 first thing in the morning. All absences are unexcused until a parent/guardian contacts the office to excuse their student.

    We are noticing many parents showing up at 3:00pm to pick up their child early. Our school day does not get over until 3:25 Kindergarten and 3:30 1st through 6th, with a lot of learning still happening right up until the dismissal bell. If you could contact the office first thing in the morning so the classroom teacher can plan for the early dismissal, that would be very helpful and appreciated. It will avoid having so many classroom interruptions. Thank you!

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  • Playground Supervision

    For student safety, PLEASE remember that the playground will not have adult supervision until 8:35am. It is very important that students are not dropped off prior to that time. If your child walks to school, please talk to them about this topic so they do not arrive before supervision is available. There will also be no adult supervision on any playgrounds after 3:30pm.

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  • The Students of the Week were Trinity Thedford, Catriona McCord, Jacob Shedlosky, Michael Smith, Leo James, Erlinda Volpi, Melissa Davis, Kayleb Fowler, Paige Hill, Albrim Zhuta, Andrew Hildebrandt, Phoenix Boles, Kash Barnes, Morgan DeLeat, Leilyiah Isaia, Brooklyn Davis, and Jacob Evans

    The BoxTops Award went to Mrs. Smith's 3rd Grade!

    The Spirit Award went to Mr. O'Briens' 5th Grade and Mrs. Agoney's 4th Grade!

    The Sunshine Awards went to Paige Hill, Lucas James, Rylee Brown and Sophie Agoney.
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  • Daily Schedule

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    Office Hours
    Phone: (907) 225-4128
    Fax: (907) 225-7925

    Preschool Times

     8:45am - 12:45pm

    Kindergarten Times
     8:55am - 3:25am
    1st - 6th Grade Times
     8:55am - 3:30pm
    Extended School Day
    Grades 3rd - 6th
    **permission form must be signed
    by parents prior to attending **
    3:30pm - 5:00pm
    Breakfast Prices
    Full Price Students = $1.00
    Full Price Adults = $2.00
    Reduced Price = .30 cents
    Grades K-3
    Lunch:  11:35 - 12:05
    Recess: 12:10 - 12:40
    Grades 4-6
    Lunch: 12:10 - 12:40
    Recess11:35 - 12:05
    *Lunch Prices:
    Full Price Students = $3.25
    Full Price Adults = $4.75
    Reduced Price = .40 cents
    *Needs to be ordered each
    morning by 9:30am **
     If you will want a lunch
    but are running late, please
    call the office by 9:00am
    First Student Bus Co


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  • Parking Lot Locked

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      Parking Lot Safety
    Lots are locked every day 
    Our parking lot is for staff parking only, unless you need to access the handicap parking.
    If you get locked in, you will need to wait, as it is for the safety of all students that the lot gets locked.
    Locked Times
    8:20am - 8:55am
    3:15pm - 3:35pm
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  • Lost & Found

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    Lost & Found is located in the wooden box by the office. Please check regularly for your missing treasures! Periodically, as the bin gets overloaded, we will take items to Goodwill. So please do not delay in checking for missing items.
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    For the security of our students and staff, all visitors must enter and exit our building at the front office. We are strictly enforcing this new safety measure and ask for your cooperation. 
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  • Doughnuts With Dads

    Tuesday, January 24th 8:15am - 8:45am In the Houghtaling Gym

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  • Congratulations Franchezca Correa! Houghtaling Spelling Bee WINNER!

    We are very proud of you! You will be a great Houghtaling representative at The District Bee on February 9th @ 6pm in the Houghtaling Library.

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  • Great Job, Ella Stockhausen!

    For being first runner up in the Houghtaling Spelling Bee! So Proud of YOU!

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  • Jump For Heart

    Jump For Heart! All Houghtaling students will get a chance to participate during their PE time on February 1 and 2 Donation envelopes will be handed to the kids and those who wish to participate on collecting donations may do so. All monies collected will go directly to the American Heart Association. Collection envelopes are due back to the Houghtaling Office on February 10th Please click the heading above to read all about how to participate!

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  • New Phones

    Houghtaling Elementary School has received new phones! We are very excited and pleased with the upgrade. At this time, we are asking you for your patience as we learn our new system. Please help us by making sure to communicate with your child in the morning what they are supposed to do after school. If there is a change please call the office by lunchtime, or 2:30 at the latest. It gets very hectic in the office with the phones about 2:30 and any communication we can get before that is extremely helpful. One special note to parents - please do not leave after school information on our voicemail. Please call back until you reach an actual human. This ensures no child will get left behind.

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  • School Security

    For the security of our students and staff, we ask that all visitors enter and exit our building at the front office and wear a visitor sticker in plain sight. This includes being on the playground with your child. We are strictly enforcing this safety measure and ask for your cooperation. Thank You!

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  • PBIS at Houghtaling

    What does PBIS stand for? How can parents get involved? Please check out the PBIS website link under SITE SHORTCUTS. Lots of great information included!

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  • Box Tops 4 Education

    Do you know how easy it is to get into clipping Box Tops 4 Education? It's SO easy! There are MANY participating products at your local grocery stores that carry boxtops. Almost every isle has products! Each boxtop is worth 10 cents for Houghtaling.

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  • Nutritional Nuggets

    The District Wellness Committee each month will publish fun nutritional information to share with families. It's called Nutritional Nuggets! Please click here to read all about it!

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What Happening

  • museum

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  • news Hello Houghtaling Families

    Please click below to take a look at the proposal for the Houghtaling Driveway/Parking remodel

    If you have any questions, feedback, etc. please direct them to Principal Jones via email



    Houghtaling Proposal

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  • PTO Meetings

    5:30pm in the Houghtaling Library

    (2nd Monday of the Month) 

      January 9th,   February 13th,  

    March 13th,  April 10th,  May 8th

    President:  Liz Jones

    Vice President:  Holly Filyaw

    Secretary: Jackie Kimball

    Treasurer: Renee Oyedeji




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