ARTIST IN RESIDENCE - Locally renowned artists come to Fawn Mountain to work intensely with our students to incorporate art into the material they are studying at the time.  Local artists incorporate theater, dance, music, painting, pottery, paper mache, and more to bring an artistic touch to the curriculum.
Artistic Bird  
SWIMMING - Depending on the grade, students go swim at our aquatic center anywhere between 7 and 17 times per year.  2nd through 6th grades get to take a 2 week survival swimming course.
 Aquatic Center
OUTDOOR EDUCATION - Our 4th-6th grade students get to go on an outdoor experiential education trip each year.  We go to our local state parks with biologists to study the deer, birds, salmon, and vegetation unique to the Tongass National Forest. 
Naha Outdoor Education
EAGLE PRESS - Our students produce a video where numerous topics are covered such as staff interviews, lunch menus, and school news.  The content, filming, and editing are done by students.
KITE NIGHT - Each year we hold Kite Night.  Families come to Fawn Mountain and together build a kite.  We all have cookies and milk, then head outside to fly our decorated kites.
BATTLE OF THE BOOKS - Our 3rd - 6th grade students are recognized as a local and state powerhouse in the yearly Battle of the Books competition.
Battle of the Books  
FREE BREAKFAST FOR ALL - As a school community we opted out of the federal free breakfast program so that we could offer a free breakfast to anyone who was interested and make it a healthier breakfast.  Every morning Misty whips up a, from scratch, batch of oatmeal with raisins and chopped fresh fruit.  Thank you PTA!!!
FAMILY FUND - Every week our school community sells popcorn to help Fawn Mountain families that might be in need.  We believe in academics, but understand that empathy and character development are just as important.
These are just a few of the reasons that makes Fawn Mountain Elementary a unique and special place!