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To provide high quality instruction to every student within a positive environment reflective of our community needs.

Getting Started

The AESOP phone and online system will replace the paper leave slips for teachers. If you are a paraprofessional and take a 1/2 day or more absence you will need to log your leave in AESOP, and fill out a paper leave slip.  Remember to mark anytime you are not working on your monthly time card due the 20th of every month. You will not longer need to submit a paper leave slip, however, absences will still require approval by an administer.  The management system will send an email once a absence is logged alerting your administration that they need to review the request.  After you submit your absence Aesop will work on getting you a sub.
If you have any questions please contact Chasina Worman at (907) 247-2139.

Create absences online or on the phone

Aesop offers both phone and Web services, so that you can create an absence anytime, anywhere.  Online absences can be created as far as one year in advance. As soon as you register an absence, Aesop starts finding a qualified, available substitute for you.


Manage your schedule

With Aesop you can track how many absences you have taken and see absences you have already scheduled in the future.  You can also track the types of absences you have on record, such as personal or professional development day.  Aesop offers an easy way to store all your absence information in one place.


Leave notes and attachments for the substitute

By writing notes or attaching documents to your absence, you can assure that your substitute is prepared to handle your duties during your absence. Aesop lets both the district and the employee leave notes, as well as attach Word documents and PDF’s to the absence.


Log into Aesop

The first step to log on to Aesop is to visit the Aesop website.  Put into your internet browser's address bar and hit the Enter button on your keyboard.

This will take you to the Aesop website.  At the top right corner of this page you will see the area to login.  Use the ID (most likely your 10-digit phone number) and PIN provided to you by your district.  Once you have entered this info into the boxes click the Login button.
Note: You will be receiving a Welcome Letter from us.  Your ID and Pin will be in this letter.  If you have any problems call 907-247-2139.